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1. Where does PT work internationally?
• PT Manufacturing sites:
o Xiamen China

• Distribution and projects locations
o China
o Japan
o Middle East
o India
o United State
o France
o Bulgaria
o United Kingdom
o Australia
o Malysia
o Mexico
o Korea
o South Africa

2. How long has PT been in the solar mounting business?
• Founded in 2007 with just 12 employees
• Currently over 300 coworkers as of 2014.
• We have manufactured more than 500 MW of installed PV systems to date
• Largest project delivered currently is 30 MW
• Current monthly output ~ 30 to 40 MW
• With the current production schedule, we can produce about 1 MW of mounting systems per day.

3. What’s the PT Philosophy?
• PT is “R-C-S”, meaning everything we build encompasses great: Quality, Price, Service, and Share value.
• We believe in producing high quality products, with as short a turnaround time for our customers as possible – while keeping costs low.
• PT knows that by reducing installation time for our customers, this will in turn save them money.
• Provide exceptional customer service.
• Create local jobs in the communities we manufacture in and sell to.
• Being a part of the renewable energy industry, PT believes that responsible manufacturing includes being an energy efficient manufacturer. Our equipment is highly energy efficient.
• Creating a safe, enjoyable work environment for our employees.

4. Do I have to buy PT products through a distributor?
No. PT does work with distributors but there is no exclusivity of customers to them. Price discounts on products are determined by purchasing quantity of a customer over a certain period of time.

5. Does PT have ISO certification?
Yes. PT is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

6. How many MW has PT installed worldwide?
We lost count at some point but running the numbers over the last years we are sure that we have delivered racking material for more than 500 MW of installed solar power.

7. Is PT a publicly traded company?
No. PT is privately held and owned.

8. What makes PT different from its competitors and other PV-mounting companies?
• PT has more than 8 years of experience in aluminum and steel.
• Over 10 years experience in the solar racking business.
• PT will find a way to make solar work for any project.
• Innovation: Over the years our systems have evolved to meet our customer’s installation needs, resulting in easy-to-install systems today.
• Thorough and efficent engineering, racks are developed to meet the requirements of almost all modules.
• Pre-assembly of major components.
• End to end engineering on all of our systems.
• Testing and finite elements method used on all of our components.
• ISO 9001:2008 certified (Quality Management).

9. What products does PT feature?
• Flush Roof System
• Metal Roof System
• Flat Roof System
• Tile Roof System
• PSF Pile Driven System
• PSG Ground Screw Driven System
• Slope terrain System
• Ballasted and pier driven ground mounts
• Carport
• Agricultural Solar System
• Ballasted roof top
• Residential flush mounts
• Customized solutions

10. What loads are PT mounting systems certified or rated?
There is no specific wind rating for solar mounting systems. Any mounting system can be designed to withstand wind loads of 240 mph and beyond. It is not a question of the mounting systems but a question of the costs and whether a building is capable of taking the loads aligned with a design for those wind loads. The modules usually do not withstand heavy wind loads.

11. What angle can PT tilt racking system adjust to?
PT tilt racking system can be adjusted from 0-60 degrees.

12.  Can PT mounting system be installed on any type of solar modules in the market?
Yes, PT mounting system can be used for any of modules including thin film.

13. How long does the PT pile on the ground mounted system usually need to be driven to?
About 4 to 8 feet

14.  Is the pile and ground screw of the PT ground mounted System galvanized?
Yes the post is galvanized to ensure the lifetime of the PV system.
We use hot dip galvanizing. The post is galvanized after all holes have been drilled and everything is cut. This results in an advantage of a closed galvanized coating.

15. How long is lead time for PT racking system to arrive on site?
Lead times depends on the project size and actrual arrival site.  Usually from 14 days to 40 days.

16. What ramming machine to drive the PT posts into the ground?
Many pile driver can do the piling.  The tool you needed is the shape of our pile to make attachment for your pile driver.

17. Aluminum components or steel components?
Steel is less expensive than aluminum In recent years.  Steel is more competitive than aluminum in terms of pricing.  However, aluminum component is easier in installation, it can reduce installation cost. Especially on large scale systems the handling of the material is a cost driver. Transportation costs are lowered using aluminum.

18. How many piece of piles usualy can ramm one pile driver one day?
It depends on the ground condition. Usually 200-250pcs one pile driver one day.