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Standard Flush Mount
Fast installation, cost down,customized solution for any roof

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• 100% aluminum rails,corrosion resistant
• Fast and easy installation
• ETL listed module grounding clamps
• No grounding lugs or copper wire needed!
• Cost down to save your project cost
• custom options for any roof type
• Conforms to UL Subject 2703

Roof attachments
Select from a variety of PT’s standard roof hooks for asphalt shingle or tile roofs.


16 Hook


Adjustable foot L

Also available through PT are partner products compatible with PT systems, including Quick Mount PV® and EcoFasten® flashed asphalt shingle roof attachments.

555 (2)

555 (3)

555 (1)

Module carrying rails

Select from the standard PT rail, the rail with integrated wire management, or the ProfiPlus05 for increased roof clearance (also dependent on snow/load requirements). Free in-house engineering services can determine the most cost-effective rail to support the system span.